Another Mother Tongue Gay Words Review

Another Mother Tongue Gay Words
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Another Mother Tongue Gay Words ReviewBeautiful and heartfelt - Compulsively readable
This is a not to be missed book. The Preface alone is fascinating. This book is so page turningly good you would think you were reading a who-done-it mystery.. Hard to believe that it is out of print for 16 years now.
This book is spotlighted in the anthology `Lovers: love and sex stories' by Tee A. Corinne, saying "Grahn draws together a complex net of ideas, offering the reader a new understanding of fantasy, power and creativity and their potential changing of the world." Also "Judy Grahn weaves a multi-dimensional sexuality and sexual language throughout...Grahn defines the realms of erotic power as: physical, mental, psychic and transformative. Magically, she moves from one to another, naming, explaining and enabling."From the back of the book - Beautifully blending cultural history with autobiography, `Another Mother Tongue' is a fascinating recovery and celebration of gay culture. Judy Grahn's award-winning book - now in an expanded edition - uses personal memories, etymology, legend, and recent and ancient history to explore the importance and meaning of gay and lesbian life.
"Nothing less than a gay cultural history....It reads like a story, like a letter, like a conversation." San Francisco ChronicleThis is a keeper!
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