Tongues of Angels: A Novel Review

Tongues of Angels: A Novel
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Tongues of Angels: A Novel ReviewJulia Park's debut novel Tongues of Angels is an intriguing novel that will touch people of all faiths, because Park's novel weaves a beautiful story that discusses a fundamental human question in a spiritual but not moralizing or judgmental fashion. Park graciously tackles the sensitive issue of love, faith, and mostly celibacy within the priesthood of the Catholic Church.
We are taken on a journey through the eyes and life of the main character Father Rob Souza, who is a devoted priest, and still a human being. Father Souza has yearnings for personal human companionship, and questions his faith as he deeply contemplates Catholic doctrine. Father Souza and his support group of priest friends break bread together and help guide and support each other with the natural trials, tribulations of their chosen occupation.
The female protagonist, Jessica who is one of Father Souza's students in his yearly Catholic conversion class becomes a profound influence on Father Souza's life, as their friendship allows Father Souza to quell her demons, and in return Jessica's friendship leads Father Souza to a higher level self-actualization.
The novel paints us a very interesting picture the lives of of a group of priests who meet regularly as a support group. All of these men are normal devoted leaders of their people. However behind the garb of the clergy they are men as well. Park writes her characters with a strong voice that is consistent throughout the novel. Ultimately, these priests are good people, struggling with life choices, solitude and sometimes guilt. This heartrending novel, written skillfully with a lot of unbiased depth, and a touch of humor is a marvelous read.Tongues of Angels: A Novel OverviewAuthor Julia Park was married to a Roman Catholic priest for several years and heard many stories of wonder and woe. From those tales comes a novel, Tongues of Angels, an insider's view of the Catholic Church and the priesthood as it stands today.Tongues of Angels:Meet Rob Souza as he faces the challenges of the priesthood-gossip, innuendo, church politics, public scandals-and Jessica, a young woman with a secret past. Meet Lawrence, Rob's best friend, a gay priest who somehow becomes the third in this odd love triangle. While Jessica finds hope and healing, Rob and Lawrence discover that, despite their best intentions, a promise of celibacy is hard to keep. Tongues of Angels offers a peek behind the curtain of the priesthood, offering a funny, poignant look at Catholic angst and ambiguity. Based on a true story, Tongues of Angels is a canny, warm and surprisingly spiritual novel for our time.

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