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Footprints On My Tongue
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Footprints On My Tongue ReviewWhat a little gem! I found myself totally absorbed and entertained by this delightful collection of poems that take us everywhere from the world of fantasy to a sometimes more serious side of life. The verses are full of wit and imaginantion. I do hope there will be more to come.Footprints On My Tongue OverviewIt might be better, but it could be verse.What do you do when a special occasion calls for a verse that is witty and wise but totally spontaneous? You do what every good public speaker does--you have someone write it out for you first.Now I can't become a sage by simply reading from a pageOr reciting lines of poetry I've clippedBut I'd appear to be much brighterIf I had a decent writerAnd my impromptu lines were written in my script.Here is a little book of verse that you will want to keep with you at all times so you don't get caught with nothing to say. The rhymes are fun, and sometimes a bit of significant meaning is slipped in when nobody is looking.

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