Mother Tongue: A Broken Hungarian Love Song Review

Mother Tongue: A Broken Hungarian Love Song
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Mother Tongue: A Broken Hungarian Love Song ReviewPeter Hargitai does an outstanding job in relating his experience with rejection, depression, and anger. Every poem is a window into the intimate life of this great author. The emotional pain is felt throughout the poems in such a way that you are immersed within it. He conveys the struggle he had within himself because of his mother's rejection. The feeling of abandonment by his mother is deeply rooted and he strongly wishes to live up to her standards, but she does not allow it. Thus, Hargitai is forced to try and emulate his younger brother who had died at a young age as he was the perfect son his mother had ever had. In A Brother to Emulate, "Your first born was perfect", Hargitai shows his bitterness towards his mothers adoration for her dead son. At a young age he was left in the care of his godparents. As a result, Hargitai accuses his mother of abandonment and blames her for the sexual abuse he receives from his godmother, "And you are the mother who abandoned me to her. You are penniless. And a pimp." It is admirable to witness a human being open up about such dark secrets that seem to have haunt him throughout his life. At the end, The Pieta shows us the personal growth the author has undergone through his journey in life. He has been able to forgive his mother for not taking up the role as such because of her rejection and lack of love towards him. Hargitai grows an understanding of why his mother put up a guard towards her family and it is because she did not want to allow herself to become close to her children as it would bring her pain if she were to lose one again. This is a reflection of why he wrote this collection of poems, to try and heal his soul and forgive his mother.
Mother Tongue: A Broken Hungarian Love Song OverviewAmerican Academy of Poets award-winning poet-translator Peter Hargitai considers the raging, aging child in this highly original collection of poems. His earlier work was listed in Yale critic Harold Bloom's prestigious The Western Canon.

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