Poetry Political: (with Tongue in Cheek) Review

Poetry Political: (with Tongue in Cheek)
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Poetry Political: (with Tongue in Cheek) ReviewPolitics are meant to be mocked, and some do with a bit more rhythm than others. "Poetry Political (With Tongue in Cheek)" is a collection of politic-driven poetry from Maack Twain, seeking to call out culture and politics for their lies with a touch of humor. "Poetry Political" is a thoughtful read, highly recommended. "I'll Remember: A Little White lie Won't Hurt You/Some dear friend assured me one day/So I told one to my mother/And for that my conscience will pay.
Poetry Political: (with Tongue in Cheek) OverviewIn Poetry Political, author Maack Twain expresses his candid opinions in rhyme, offering up his personal takes on the mass media, the current condition of the United States, and the cable news networks. Included are several poems paying tribute to--or honestly critiquing--today's political pundits. Twain also offers a number of positive, inspirational aphorisms in prose and poetic form, and also includes several reflections o the daily pleasures of life. It is all in all a superb, multi-faceted collection from the versatile pen of a prolific versifier.

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