Tongues, Prosperity, & Godhood Review

Tongues, Prosperity, and Godhood
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Tongues, Prosperity, & Godhood ReviewDoctor is easy to come by. You can become one on the internet in about 20 minutes. I did. And Dr. Burns uses less research time to write her entire book. If she put 20 minutes into her doctorate, this book might be worth 1 star. And GODHOOD, in the title no less. Super. She will never let you down if you crave meaningless drivil from an insane writer, whose only crazed belief, that everyone else in the world is against her, is what keeps her busy writing the same material over and over again. She just puts different titles on the same books, over and over again. And it shows in the no name publishing company that puts this garbage out. Its sad but its her own money.Tongues, Prosperity, & Godhood Overview

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