Flames of a Wagging Tongue Review

Flames of a Wagging Tongue
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Flames of a Wagging Tongue ReviewMegan day has done it again! Proving herself as an intricate suspence writer, yet instinct, facts and Carmen, the young inspector can only fast forward or loose the culprit keeping one step ahead on e-mailFlames of a Wagging Tongue OverviewAs bodies begin piling up in a small town, Sadie finds herself on the run. Rumors are flying and innocent people are being murdered. Not only are the police after her as the prime suspect, but the monster responsible taunts her with graphic images of the dead. Her e-mail becomes his source of communication where he shows her what he has done and what he plans to do next, if only she can unravel his hints in time. Carmen, a young inspector, heads up the investigation. Though everyone on the force is convinced Sadie is the culprit, she isn't so sure. Her instincts tell her different as she scrambles to stay one step ahead of the madness. As the body count approaches five, the investigation takes a sudden turn for the worse. Carmen's husband, Marty, gets tangled up with Jess, Sadie's dearest friend. In a matter of hours, both men are trapped in the lair of the demon in an attempt to rescue Sadie. With the clock ticking, Carmen has to try and corner the real killer before it's too late.

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