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Empowered Evangelicals
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Empowered Evangelicals ReviewWithin Evangelicalism exists many branches. In this book, the authors contrast Pentecostal Evangelicalism with classical Evangelicalism, looking for common ground for the future. Often these two groups are at loggerheads. The authors are trying to get beyond the various "straw man" cariacutures that overgeneralize and stereotype each others' camps. They appeal for fresh reasessments of thorny theological issues like spirit-baptism, healing, Christian scholarship, and supernatural manifestations. The most interesting part of the book is when the authors discuss paradigm shifts. A paradigm is an accepted assumption, a relatively unchallenged "given". Our reading of scripture, our management of emotions, our theological assumptions are so firmly entrenched that we often cannot see an issue clearly. Think how much paradigm shifting was done to in Acts to blow away cherished theological constructs. Saul was struck down by Jesus on his way to persecute Christians(and becomes Christianity's chief spokesman!). Peter finally gets the message that the gospel is for Gentiles also(but only after much supernatural intervention by God!). Are we immune from such a state? Do we have no blind spots? Admittedly, there is already some cross-pollination betweeen these two groups. The future for the church may well be a sort of hybrid betweeen classical Pentecostalism and classical Evangelicalism. If the issues are approached in humility, perhaps Nathan and Wilson are right: we could have the best of both worlds. Perhaps God still has some paradigm blasting to do in our age!Empowered Evangelicals OverviewAfter years of witnessing the sometimes rancorous controversy between the Evangelical and Pentecostal camps, authors Rich Nathan and Ken Wilson suggest it's way past time to recognize that there's really only one camp. It is unnecessary to choose between the biblical emphasis of the great Evangelical tradition and the spiritual vitality of the Pentecostal and Charismatic traditions. A new breed of believers called Empowered Evangelicals has arisen to combine the best elements of both traditions. In this revised and updated edition, Empowered Evangelicals examines the teaching and practice of empowered Evangelical churches and shows both Pentecostals and Evangelicals how to combine the best elements of both congregations.

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