Save Yourself The Plain Truth Review

Save Yourself The Plain Truth
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Save Yourself The Plain Truth ReviewI enjoyed this book very much and have told several people about it. I bought a copy for myself and after reading it, I bought a couple more for other people as a gift. My husband and I are now reading it together. It makes you think and you really feel God's love for us.Save Yourself The Plain Truth OverviewPeople searching for meaning and purpose in their lives ultimately have questions about God. Save Yourself! The Plain Truth answers the hard questions in plain language without tons of Bible quotes. Ignoring the “truth" causes us the most pain and suffering in our lives. Jesus knew the truth had to be simple to reach those who needed him the most.No punches are pulled when discussing the good, the bad and the ugly of understanding God. You don't need to be a Biblical scholar to “get it." Simplified key elements increase understanding of God, Jesus, the Bible and what it means to be a Christian. Learn what you need to know before you decide if God is for you.Tough questions that others avoid include: * If God exists, why is life is so rotten? * Why God doesn't answer your prayers* Why people kill in the name of God* Why God is mean in the Old Testament* Why you should care about Satan* When is the end of the world? * Is going to church necessary? * What it means to be “saved"* Are psychics guided by God? * Why Christians are "boring"

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