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Power Of Your Words
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Power Of Your Words ReviewThis book tapped into insights given in Scripture on how to pray the 'right' way and how we, as Christians, have 'missed the boat' in living and praying victoriously in Christ because we have missed something important. God gives us the power to be victors through Jesus, but we have not claimed the promises that God has given to us. This is a "how to" book that is changing my life overnight! This book is also has incredible insights on FAITH. -- Guaranteed to change your life!Power Of Your Words OverviewWith chapters written by E. W. Kenyon and Don Gossett, this book helps you to realize that there is nothing that equals the power of your words! If you lack in anything, tend to be your own worst enemy, or fail to accomplish what you say you will do, then this book will show you how to have strong faith, live in the positive, and possess what you confess.

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