The Stoneheart Trilogy, Book Three: Silvertongue Review

The Stoneheart Trilogy, Book Three: Silvertongue
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The Stoneheart Trilogy, Book Three: Silvertongue ReviewSilvertongue is the third and final book in the Stoneheart series. (Note to Mr. Fletcher: Thank you, thank you for not going 7 books deep....) I have loved this series from the beginning. (See my reviews on Stoneheart and Ironhand.) Fletcher's prose is brilliant; it's crisp, fluid, engaging, at times comic, at other times poignant. The books are worth gifting to kids just for that reason. But there is so much more in these books....
We all love a story in which an underdog kid finds a way to triumph--to become strong as he struggles with adversity. These books have two such kids--a boy and a girl. I've read a lot of fiction in my day... Edie stands as one of my all-time favorite heroines. Yeah, she kicks... well, she's really strong. Love that.
There are other characters to love as well--the Gunner, Spout, Dictionary--as Fletcher has created a delightful cast of well-rounded beings who are loveably imperfect and wonderfully unique.
And there's more: Fletcher adds (very carefully--so kids aren't slugged over the head with it) enough history and mythology to raise these books to an intellectual level that even stuffy grown-ups will enjoy.
I cannot say enough about how much good stuff is in here for kids (without giving away some of my favorite stuff--and I hate spoilers). I strongly recommend this series for kids of all ages. As the final act, Silvertongue is a thrilling ride and absolute page turner.The Stoneheart Trilogy, Book Three: Silvertongue OverviewThe battle between the statues and the gargoyles in London rages on, and twelve-year-old George Chapman and his friend Edie are caught in the middle. The clock has struck thirteen, and time is frozen. The city's inhabitants have mysteriously disappeared, and snow piles up in the streets. George is now sure that his destiny is linked to the Walker's destruction, but first he must deal with the Dark Knight, a formidable foe who stalks George slowly and deliberately, knowing that things must come to their inevitable end, in what must surely be the decisive and final battle.

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