Drawing Near: A Life of Intimacy with God Review

Drawing Near: A Life of Intimacy with God
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Drawing Near: A Life of Intimacy with God ReviewJohn Bevere's latest book totally blew my mind. As soon as I started reading, the words literally grabbed ny heart, and I immediately began to seek the face of God. Within minutes of this new found truth, God's presence filled my room. I couldn't stop reading this book. I have recommended it to everyone I have come in contact with.
Never have I read a book that challenged me to really know God not just more intimately, but as intimately as possible. God desires to be with us more then we desire to be with Him, and He proved it over and over again in the Bible, passionately seeking the heart of man. Nothing gives God more pleasure than when His people passionately seek Him. John Bevere writes one of the best books I have ever read.Drawing Near: A Life of Intimacy with God Overview
It's hard to want something you don't know you are missing. Sadly, many believers have never experienced true intimacy with God because they don't understand what it is or how to achieve it. But we humans were created for intimate fellowship with God, and this has always been His deepest desire. Scripture clearly states that the Lord yearns for us and seeks those who pursue Him. Yet we must come to Jesus on His terms-not our own.

In Drawing Near, John Bevere invites readers to explore a life of intimacy with God. Emphasizing the need for obedience, he urges us to practice-just as we would practice anything we hope to improve-our communication with the Holy Spirit. Understanding that prayer is a dialogue, not a monologue, Bevere encourages us to listen at the Father's feet. Study questions in each chapter offer opportunity for reflection, and a "How to draw near to God" section offers practical steps toward developing true intimacy with Him.

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