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True Christianity and False Religions
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True Christianity & False Religions ReviewThis book is so horribly written that at times I had to wonder if the author suffered from some sort serious mental illness that inhibited any attempt at a rational discussion let alone a consistent sentence. It's so awful, in fact, that I almost feel bad criticizing the "effort." But in the end, I have to admit that this book is nothing more than the rants of an uncreative lunatic.True Christianity & False Religions OverviewDo you really believe in the only true and living God? Are you tired of false religion and now hunger and thirst after righteousness? Are you deceived and not sure if you are a true Christian? Are you 100% sure that Jesus Christ is indeed alive? You may attend church or religious services but have you ever truly worshipped God? Do you know God for yourself? Did you know that you can be 100% sure you will spend eternity in Heaven the moment Christ enters your body? Is your fiancé or spouse a recipient of the 'Spirit of Truth' (in the Lord), so as to prevent you from ever being divorced biblically? Do you know why many who claim to be Christians are unwilling to tithe? Do you really know the truth and the whole truth about Homosexuality? Do you have divine permission to worship God? Did you know that even if you are confirmed or water baptized you cannot worship God in a church, in a cathedral, in a synagogue, in a mosque, in a temple or as you wish? He can only be worshipped in spirit and in truth with the 'Spirit of Truth', after being born of his Spirit through the atoning blood of Christ his Son.This powerfully inspiring book answers all those crucial questions according to Christ that any sensible person should know before attempting to worship the one and only true God. It also addresses many controversial issues that confront the cutting edge of Christian living in this evolving, secular world, including solutions to spousal abuse. Before Christ revealed Himself to me, I did not know if Heaven was real and I thought hell was just an illusion. However, after Christ revealed Himself to me, I discovered Heaven is real and hell is no joke. This book expounds to the core, pure religion, salvation and the imperativeness of a totally surrendered heart in seeking God. It offers to every person (without Christ) an opportunity to know God supernaturally and diligently exploit his power and love.Believing in God or Christ is not enough; you must also know them both supernaturally to make it into the kingdom of Heaven. These pages are filled with anointed, intricate, prolific, corrective, expository, edifying revelations (spiritual insights) and teachings that many Christian ministers have not had the courage, tenacity or conviction to address and discuss with clarity and implicit intrusiveness.Virtually, combined with a passionate desire to speak the truth always, it is the equivalent of the best (simplified) Bible translation for the purpose of personal Bible study, soul winning and revival you have ever laid your hands on. Read and adhered to 'for such a time as this', it will set your mind, body, soul and spirit on divine fire. The teachings and insights will also profoundly permeate your conscience, heart, mind and soul as you ingest every word. Cutting like a two-edged sword, it compels a person to experience the divine presence of the true and living God.This book is definitely the ultimate key to true worship and an urgent wake up call to all of humanity. Every person that believes in God ought to secure a copy of this book or present it as a gift to a non-Christian.

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