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Don't Ask, Don't Tell
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Don't Ask, Don't Tell ReviewThe official reviews imply that conversation occurs in this book. This is not the case.
I bought this thinking that it was a gay romance story. It is, BUT it is a story that is very hard to grasp. Mostly because the characters spend most of their time having sex. Every scene in the book, but 2, is them having sex. It isn't exactly wordy sex either. The real story is in how they treat each other during sex, how it started, where they were doing it, and what they did when they were done. I thought it was an innovative and interesting way to tell a story (also, who calls hot sex a negative?). It was a little out there for me though. I need a little dialogue or even a thought stream or two, call me a traditionalist. Thus, 3 stars. Interesting way to tell a story, just a little too out there for me.
Don't Ask, Don't Tell OverviewWhen they meet at a bar one night, James "Rock" South and Alex "Rigger" Roberts figure they've found themselves a night of fun. The attraction burns bright for both of them, and when they head for somewhere more private, they're both amazed at how fast and hot the flames get out of control. Rock is only in Texas for training, though, and he leaves Rigger behind when he goes back to his life as a regular Marine. Rigger's not sure he's ready to be left, though, and he follows Rock eventually, showing up on Rock's doorstep with what little he owns and a smile. The two men, so very different but so very needy for one another, struggle to come to terms with their relationship, trying to make it work in a world where men don't love men, and if they do, they can't talk about it. Between the pressures of the outside world and the struggle between them to learn what it means to be in a committed relationship, Rock and Rigger threaten to tear each other apart. Do they have what it takes to stay together?

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