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The Holy Spirit
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The Holy Spirit ReviewI've known Dr. Gromacki for almost 40 yrs....not personally, but met with him for advice on attending Cedarville College, and guess what! He's not "uppity" at all. A real down to earth guy for a mind so Holy Spirit driven with Scholarly written books.
If you want to really know what the bible says you can't go wrong with him. He was recommended by my Pastor and personal friend Dr Jack Jacobs who also was of the same calibur and is now with the Lord.....two of the best friends a person could ever have and really down to earth for such learned men.
This kind of man can only know what he knows by spending much time on his knees in prayer!!!The Holy Spirit Overview
In The Holy Spirit, Robert Gromacki examines the personality, deity, symbols and gifts of the Holy Spirit, while tracing the ministry of the Spirit throughout the Old Testament, the Gospel Era, the life of Christ, the books of Acts and the lives of modern believers.

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