Basic Math Skills, Grade 5 Review

Basic Math Skills, Grade 5
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Basic Math Skills, Grade 5 ReviewI like this book because:
1) Many of the exercises involve using your answers to decode a joke or riddle. My daughter finds this much more motivating than simply doing problem after problem. She likes the riddles and the challenge of figuring out the answer.
2) It is well-organized and there is a test at the end of each chapter. I like to give my daughter the tests at the end of the school year and then I know which chapters we should spend time studying, and which we can skip.
3) It is thorough. I am no expert on 5th grade math curriculum, but it seems pretty comprehensive. There are plenty of practice pages for each concept. I also like the variety of problems. The book has the student practice story problems and standardized test taking skills and just straight problems, etc. It seems like a well-rounded approach.
Caveat: This is a good book for _practicing_ math at home. Not necessarily for _learning_ math at home. Students will either need a parent or teacher to first explain the math to them or else another book to teach it. This book does not explain how to do the problems, it just has lots of problems to practice. All of the answers are at the back, so it is easy for the student or parent to check the work.Basic Math Skills, Grade 5 Overview

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