Voice for Performance (Applause Acting Series) Review

Voice for Performance (Applause Acting Series)
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Voice for Performance (Applause Acting Series) ReviewI highly recommend this book! It is very user-friendly: practical, easy to navigate, and rich in exercise and example. I am a theatre and voice professional, and I have come across no better guide. Whether your aim is to improve your voice for performance, neutralize your accent, enrich your timber, or simply gain more vocal insight and control, this book is a must-have.Voice for Performance (Applause Acting Series) OverviewLinda Gates addresses key mechanical elements of voice and speech (eliminating division of the two) in a straightforward style. She grounds her approach in the four elements of vocal production: Respiration, Vibration, Resonation and Articulation. This complete and accessible book is a useful guide not only for actors, but for all who want to make more effective use of their voice.

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