Carl Hiaasen Omnibus 2 Review

Carl Hiaasen Omnibus 2
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Carl Hiaasen Omnibus 2 ReviewIntroduced to Hiaasen when I was given the first omnibus as a gift. Enjoyed it so much, I bought this second selection straight away. As with the first three books, this next trio kept me riveted. I delight in his writing style and somewhat strange sense of humour. I cannot wait for the third omnibus...Carl Hiaasen Omnibus 2 OverviewNATIVE TONGUE: A hilarious black crime comedy starring PR man Joe Winder, who winds up on the trail of some butter-fingered thugs who've stolen his precious blue-tongued mango voles ...STRIP TEASE: When corrupt and lecherous congressman Dave Dilbeck throws himself at stripper Erin Grant on stage at the tastefully named Eager Beaver, little does he realise that he's opening himself up to blackmail. Can MalcolmMoldy' Moldowsky save Dilbeck's face? Erin has other plans ...STORMY WEATHER: Nine-tenths of the population emerge unscathed from the hurricane that devastates Dade County in southern Florida. But who cares about them? For everyone else, the aftermath of the direct hit homelessness, looting, destruction is the second goldrush and the year's hottest scam.

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