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Escape from the Alamo
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Escape from the Alamo ReviewDac Crossley, in writing about a subject near and dear to his Texan heart, has brought to life an era that resounds with the mystery and legend of what life was like at the time of the fall of the Alamo. Occurring some eleven years before the "Mexican War," it is peopled with a range of characters who evoke the nature of a seemingly bygone era, yet one that appeals to a wide cross-section of present-day readers.
Crossley brings to life the hopes and fears of people who want desperately to succeed in a region that is beset with cross-currents of settlers, adventurers, scalawags and Comanches. The protagonist, "Possum" (George Hanks) sets forth to overcome adversity (surviving the fall of the Alamo) and his life proceeds onward to the nascent days of the Texas Rangers.
For anyone who loves adventure stories from an insider's perspective of the wondrous birth-pangs of the Texas Republic, this book is a must read.
Escape from the Alamo OverviewRemember the Alamo! The defenders fought bravely, to the last man, giving their lives for freedom and the Republic of Texas. But suppose one of those warriors survived the battle? What could he do? Where could he go? He's supposed to be dead. Escape from the Alamo is the story of young George Hanks, an ever-grinning Tennessee lad called "Possum" by Davy Crockett. No longer grinning, Possum finds himself on the battlefield at San Jacinto, wounded, confused and alone. He can't go back to Tennessee because they believe he died at the Alamo. What's become of his idol, Davy Crockett? Possum believes that Crockett must have also survived the Alamo battle, and undertakes to find him in South Texas. Possum's journey to manhood takes him through fights with Indians and bandits, arrest and trial, and enlistment in the Texas Rangers.

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