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Perspectives on Spirit Baptism
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Perspectives on Spirit Baptism ReviewPerspectives on Spirit Baptism: 5 Views is a collection counterpoint views by five different authors concerning beliefs about the baptism of the Holy Spirit. Each author is a learned and prominent theological scholar in his field, and presents the view of his own tradition in clear and succinct terms, as well a response to the differences of other traditions. The speakers cover the Sacramental view, the Wesleyan view, the Charismatic view, the Pentecostal view, and the Reformed view. All draw heavily upon the scripture to better illuminate their perspective. A well-rounded introduction into the theology of spirit baptism, especially useful for theologians and scholars but also accessible to lay people who want to better understand the practice of spirit baptism as it applies to them and their given faith.
Perspectives on Spirit Baptism OverviewPerspectives on Spirit Baptism presents in counterpoint form the basic common beliefs on spirit baptism which have developed over the course of church history with a view toward determining which is most faithful to Scripture. Each chapter will be written by a prominent person from within each tradition-with specific guidelines dealing with the biblical, historical, and theological issues within each tradition. In addition, each writer will have the opportunity to give a brief response to the other traditions.

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