The Captivity of Celia Review

The Captivity of Celia
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The Captivity of Celia ReviewM. S. Valentine has proven herself a mistress of the genre with this exhilarating offering. Told in the tradition of the gothic novels of years past, she weaves a thrilling tale of innocent Celia, who sets off to "rescue" her lover Colin, who has been given refuge by his cousin, the debached Sir Jason. In fact, the only way she can secure his safety is to offer herself as a sexual sacrifice to Jason. The novel chronicles her descent into a sexual whirlpool of Jason's twisted desires, and her subsequent self discovery as she comes to crave what he offers. The Captivity of Celia left me breathless. It is truly a contemporary masterpiece of erotic literature.The Captivity of Celia OverviewBeautiful Celia wants nothing more than to be with her beloved, Colin. But when Colin is falsely accused of murder, he is forced to seek refuge in the gloomy Yorkshire moors with his mysterious cousin, Sir Jason Hardwicke. In exchange for Colin's safety, the enigmatic Jason demands Celia's unquestioning submission - knowing she will do anything to protect her lover. Soon, Celia becomes an instrument to satisfy each of the men's most depraved appetites, until she no longer recognizes her own desires from theirs.From internationally bestselling erotica author M. S. Valentine, this contemporary erotic classic is the first in the popular "Celia" series.

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