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The High-Performance Mind
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The High-Performance Mind ReviewThis is a book about biofeedback, but from a different perspective. Just about every other book ever published on biofeedback has a clinical, reductionist medical approach (except for Elmer Green''s books, Beyond Biofeedback and Ozawkie Book of The Dead.) Anna Wise, a regular trainer at Esalen, takes a more holistic approach based on her 25+ years of experience observing the brain wave patterns of people with awakened mind-- yogis, top executives, artists, etc.
Rather than talking about treating illness, she talks about optimizing brain function and mental states, about enhancing the contents and quality of consciousness.
She discusses how she uses the Mind Mirror, a technology originally developed by her Mentor Max Cade and engineer Geoff Blundell, to assess how our brains are operating and then, she devises strategies to get our brains working more like a person with an awakened mind.
She offers exercises and a strategies which help you learn to put your brain in better places.
If you want to see the whole picture of the biofeedback world, Anna is definitely not a part of the medical pathology mainstream and that's the way she likes it.
When she is a speaker at the EEG biofeedback conference I run, she speaks a different language, which addresses spirit and the whole person. There have been some academic researchers who were really turned off by her, at first. But after discussing her approach, in detail and not just reacting to her "soft" approach to brain technology, many have turned around, and found common ground with her.
Jim Robbins book, Symphony in the brain, is a good history of the more recent developments in higher frequency brain biofeedback, mostly focused on treatment. Evan's and Abarbanel's Quantitative EEG and EEG Biofeedback is a strictly professional text, with about 15 contributed chapters. Anna Wise's contribution to the writing on brain biofeedback provides a very nice feminine ying to the masculine yang that has predominated in the field.The High-Performance Mind Overview

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