The Corinthian Catastrophe Review

The Corinthian Catastrophe
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The Corinthian Catastrophe ReviewI was given this book while I was studying my Bible in a public library by a man who, after finding out that I attended a charismatic church, said that this book would change my life. He went so far as to warn me that I was playing with the devil by being around charismatic believers. While I don't always agree with my charismatic friends, I find that the idea that spiritual gifts such as speaking in tongues are demonic in nature but this is a side point from the book.
The book claims to have been written by a former charismatic himself. I find that much of what he claims to have seen in charismatic churches tends to be the fringe and is far from the likes of men such as Dr. John Piper, C.J. Mahaney, Joshua Harris, and Dr. Wayne Grudem (all who claim to be somewhat charismatic themselves). In fact, Gardiner spends most of his time attacking what he has seen rather than dealing with charismatic literature or theologians. The book builds one straw man after another without including any charismatic theologians such as Dr. Gordon Fee or Dr. French Arrington.
Finally, the book itself is quite dated. I believe it was written nearly 30 years ago. Most of the arguments that Gardiner posts are nothing new to those attacking the charismatic movement and I found Gardiner's illustrations from what he has seen to be nothing more than arguing from personal experience and not Scripture. There are better books from a cessasionist viewpoint than this one. Dr. John MacArthur or Dr. Richard Gaffin have both written scholarly works on the modern charismatic teachings.
In conclusion I don't recommend this book if you are a cessasionist looking for arguments against charismatic doctrines. The very title shows Gardiner's misunderstanding of charismatic theology. To call 1 Corinthians a letter written to a church that was in catastrophe over spiritual gifts is not only misleading but ignores the clear point of 1 Corinthians 12-14 (see D.A. Carson's SHOWING THE SPIRIT for a better discussion of these important chapters). I would avoid this book not out of fear of what it teaches but what it does not teach.The Corinthian Catastrophe OverviewAn outstanding exposition that contrasts scriptural principles with charismatic practices based on the experience of the church at Corinth.

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