Acupuncture & Moxibustion Formulas & Treatments (Great Masters Series) Review

Acupuncture and Moxibustion Formulas and Treatments (Great Masters Series)
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Acupuncture & Moxibustion Formulas & Treatments (Great Masters Series) ReviewThis is a great book for those looking to understand diseases and their treatments from the classical viewpoint of acupuncture as may be found in such books as zhen jiu jia yi jing, ling shu and zhen jiu da cheng. You won't find the herbalised acupuncture version here(i.e zang fu diagnosis and throw in all the needles at once and hope for the best).

This book reflects the clarity of Cheng Dan-An and his family lineage of acupuncturists. It represents a type of acupuncture that is as rare as hens teeth in todays time. One that accurately perceives the pulse as it is at that point in time and that aims to fluctuate that pulse back to a position of homeostasis. Although the book doesn't relay this important step, the preceeding understanding of the possible aetiology and proceeding application is given with clarity and simplicity. Brilliant.
Great references to the classics are presented to explain the various view points of pathogenesis and treatment for each category which are grouped according to classical categories (e.g diarrhea and dysentery, diseases of the hands and feet etc) and not the western disease names as is the case in recent times.
Acupuncture is classically a pulse based art, reading energy directly as it is NOW, and not as it was yesterday or has been as may be the case with symptoms. Reading the points prescribed by Cheng Dan-An with this in mind and with the practitioners understanding of how different points (by themselves, not in combination) alter the physiology and response in the pulse makes this book a rare diamond. Most acupuncture books are static preformulated responses to agreed upon pathologic conditions in formularised approach.
With the knowledge of the aforementioned pulse reading ability, and with the help of Cheng Dan-An, we may arrive at a powerful platform for the full utilization of acupuncture as powerful medical practice. One where the current state of energy wax and wane is perceived directly through palpation of the pulses and the correct treatment prescribed according to that pulse AND as it fluctuates throughout the treatment.
That said, it would be very helpful to have someone whom can transmit to you some clarity with regards to pulse diagnosis. Easier said than done. If a teacher cannot be found i suggest reading up on the works of George Sulie De Morant in his book Chinese Acupuncture. A phenomenal work by a man who totally immersed himself into the task of learning and translating voluminous material on the methods of the pulse based art of acupuncture. This achieved, much confusion can be dispelled on how to proceed with regards to treatment.
Regarding comparison to pattern based formula acupuncture using simultaneous use of many points (TCM) as compared to pulse based treatment using as few as one needle at a time (preferred and utilised effectively by Cheng Dan-An) , Confucius put it aptly when he said "There is as much error in seeing what is, as in seeing what there is not".
Buy the book.Acupuncture & Moxibustion Formulas & Treatments (Great Masters Series) OverviewCheng DAn-an was the single most important Chinese acupuncturist of the mid-20th century. He created the modern acupuncture college curriculum in China and rescued acupuncture and moxibustion from oblivion in its native land. As a teacher of many other famous teachers of acupuncture, such as the late Dr. James Tin Yau So, Cheng Dan-an is the father of modern Chinese acupuncture. This book is a collection of his formulas and treatments for a wide range of traditional Chinese diseases, such as cold damage, warm heat diseases, wind stroke, mania, diarrhea and dysentery, cough, phlegm rheum, panting & wheezing, the five accumulations, and more. This is a seminal book in the development of modern acupuncture which should not be overlooked by any Western practitioner.

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