Benji: Off the Leash (Benji Returns) Review

Benji: Off the Leash (Benji Returns)
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Benji: Off the Leash (Benji Returns) ReviewThe book I am reviewing is Benji off the Leash written by Joe Camp. I think this book deserves five stars because it has a happy ending. It's terrific because its about a dog that a boy is trying to find. Its realistic fiction and an adventure. This book is about a boy named Colby and his dog Benji. Benji is lost. Benji got locked in an old house. He's locked in a house because of a dog snatcher. Colby is trying to find Benji. The problem in the story is that solved, but I can't tell you how. You have to read it. I'd recommend this book to people 7 and older because it's a chapter book and kids 6 and younger might not under stand the book.Benji: Off the Leash (Benji Returns) OverviewFollow the adventures of Benji and his whacky (unwanted) sidekick, Lizard Tongue, in this exciting novel based on the new movie! This brand new story was written by Benji's creator especially for the new Benji after the huggable mutt was rescued from an animal shelter in Mississippi. It's a story about heroes who reach that point in their lives when they must stand up an be counted. Benji, a pair of bunngling dogcatchers, a dog-sitting bird, a teenage boy, and goofy Lizard Tongue all come together in a hillarious, heartwarming story that is full of tingling suspense. Written by Joe Camp from his screenplay.

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