The Treatment of Disease in TCM V7 : General Symptoms Review

The Treatment of Disease in TCM V7 : General Symptoms
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The Treatment of Disease in TCM V7 : General Symptoms ReviewThis is a great reference tool. Even almost easy for a person who's only taken an introductory Chinese medicine class or even seen in-dept documentaries on it.
The table of contents is listed by conditions/symptoms which is very efficient & fast reference tool. Each condition is then divided by specific causes whether it's from say, in example, the liver rather then the spleen. It's lists specific differences in symptoms to know which organs are affected (really easy for massage therapists to even almost a lay person) & true source of the malady. Such as is there a cough? Is it loud? Weak? Sound like a bark? Congested? Spontanous cough? Labored cough? Easy things a lay person could deferentiate.
It then tells you what acupuncture/acupressure points to do even getting in to specifics such as add a point if another symptom shows up to also what herbal formulas to use. Most acupressure books only list one or 2 points to use on EVERYONE for each condition which is not always accurate. Knowing the exact cause & which organs are affected is the most important.
Such as respiratory illness. You would look up the symptoms until you see a match which is important. Respiratory illness is usually considered "wind" which effects the liver & causes neck stiffness among other symptoms. It can be a "wind cold" or "wind heat", the color of sputum being an easy way to tell, cold is white, heat is yellow. If let's say you misdiagnose & think it's cold when it's really heat, you would do points to increase heat & therefore would make matters worse. (though acupressure is the least likely to cause any side effects from poor diagnosis, acupressure is also overall safe if make a mistake, though it results in not feeling better or slightly worse. Misdiagnosed herbal formulas can cause more side effects & you should see an herbalist.The Treatment of Disease in TCM V7 : General Symptoms OverviewIn this volume, the authors discuss the TCM diseasecauses, mechanisms, pattern discrimination, treatment principles,acupuncture, and Chinese herbal treatment of three dozen or moregeneralized diseases affecting the whole body. These include suchcomplaints as obesity, emaciation, edema, jaundice, spontaneousperspiration, night sweats, and fatigue. With the publication of thisfinal volume in this series, this set becomes the largest treatmentmanual of traditional Chinese diseases available in English. It's amust for every serious clinician.

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