Courage at Indian Deep Review

Courage at Indian Deep
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Courage at Indian Deep ReviewIt was a simple ordinary day for Cass Kennedy when his family was forced to move to North Minnesota. He never wished to be alive. His new house was very nice. He really liked that it snowed there everyday, and he missed school a lot. Cass loved to visit Lake Superior often. Cass loved to play football near the lake. His house was close to a forest, and the forest was called Indian Deep. One day Cass went into the forest, and he heard strange sounds. He saw a boat's emergency lights on. What could he do with his dog in the middle of a blizzard, and he was the only one around to help the survivors? This book was an exciting and thrilling adventure. You should buy this book.Courage at Indian Deep OverviewA ship sinks during an autumn blizzard on Lake Superior, and Cass and his dog are the only ones who can help the survivors.

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