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I Am Leaper
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The novel I Am Leaper is the most interesting book I have ever read it held my interest and touched me in many different ways. Between the risk taking moments and heart taking moments Annabel Johnson catches your attention and makes you want to keep reading.
In the novel, the characters were so believable that you felt you could under stand and to relate to them. That is one of the reasons why I liked this story so much. One of my favorite characters is Julian. Though he disobeyed the bosses, Julian was a kind-hearted kid who liked to help animals.
The novel I Am Leaper was not a boring story at all. The author Annabel Johnson was able to hold the interest of the reader thought the story. The description of scenes was all so well done, you could picture them in your head. There were funny moments and some scary moments. One of my favorite scenes was when Julian and Leaper was in the cave looking for food and the high schoolers scared them and they hid under the rock. Thisscene was so well described I could see it in my head. After reading this book It has been so joyful I would read it every day.
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