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Concubine ReviewAs a proud porn addict, I appreciate the fact that most guys prefer porn movies to erotic fiction, with very few exceptions. This is one of those exceptions.
The story follows a fifteen year old Chinese girl who joins a harem in America, where she is surrounded by stunning women. There are sex scenes of every kind (whatever extreme lesbian porn you have watched will be put to shame by some of these scenes). There are also straight sex scenes, obviously. But the scenes are not just put there gratuitously; the story moves forward through the sex scenes. You'll see what I mean.
I originally got this book because I knew that the author wrote the story for the movie The Shattered. This story is far more compelling, much more erotic, and MUCH more explicit. If you have ever spent an evening searching for extreme hardcore lesbian/hetero porn, if you love mfff menages and lesbian threesomes, if lesbian bdsm turns you on, then you might just love this book.Concubine OverviewWhen 15 year old Shiao-Shiao accepts the offer to join the harem of a mysterious and wealthy American, she dreams of a life of wealth and luxury, in which she can satisfy her burgeoning sexual curiosity. But soon playful bisexual experimentation gives way to far more threatening sexual hurdles.
A coming of age story that adds a touch of magic realism to the tradition of erotic literature, Concubine portrays a young girl's journey as she discovers the true meaning of family.

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