Budapest: A Novel Review

Budapest: A Novel
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Budapest: A Novel Review...unlike a lot of musicians, whose attempt at fiction comes off as stilted and short-sighted, Buarque turns out to be a great, tersely effective novelist. This, his third book, is a short-but-dense meditation on the parallels and interplay of love and language. The narrator, a ghost-writer named Jose Costa, first becomes infatuated with a foreign tongue, than a foreign tongue attached to a foreign girl. While his career peaks, he abandons his wife and fat child to surrender to the Hungarian language and his new teacher...this is only the beginning: Buarque packs a lot into 183 pages, and the two plots (the language and the ghost-writing career) intersect masterfully, leading to a miraculously antipodean conclusion that is neither uplifting nor depressing, just ingeniously circular. Bittersweet to beat the band, unnervingly precise, and immensley poignant, BUDAPEST is also granted with a great translation job from the original Portugese into English.Budapest: A Novel Overview

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