Singing Tongue Twisters A-Z Review

Singing Tongue Twisters A-Z
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Singing Tongue Twisters A-Z ReviewBrian Kane's "Singing Tongue Twister's A-Z" is a MUST HAVE for music teachers. As an elementary music specialist and choral director, I am constantly looking for vocal warmups which will improve students' diction and vocal technique. Brian's warmups challenge young singers to exaggerate consonants so that their voices find their natural resonance. The sing-along CD is a fantastic model with a single male and female voice. My students' favorites are 'Chester Cheetah' and '999 Indiana Nuns.' If they had their way, they would create a concert program with tongue twister warm ups alone! I Love this book!Singing Tongue Twisters A-Z OverviewSinging Tongue Twisters A-Z contains 50 fun filled wacky warm-ups to improve pronunciation, vocal range and technique.Perfect for teachers and kids, this fun sing-a-long book contains music tongue twisters of variable difficulty levels, read-a-long worksheets, and a 50 track sing-a-long CD. Singing Tongue Twisters is an excellent warm up tool for choral groups and a fun practice workbook for individual singers.80 Pages with CD.

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