Dictionary of The Vulgar Tongue Review

Dictionary of The Vulgar Tongue
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Dictionary of The Vulgar Tongue ReviewWow. While I was reading this I was also wondering about the group of fellows who got together to publish this back in 1811. I'll bet they had a great time doing it! The book is more or less an alphabetized listing of 1811 "cuss words" and terms. Nowadays, nearly every one of these words is benign and un-offensive, but it's really rally interesting to see what folks were saying 200 years ago. The common thread, I think, is that the need to utter those terms now and then is a universal safety valve probably as old as speech itself. Funny and a good buy.Dictionary of The Vulgar Tongue Overview[Electronic equivalent of the 356 page traditional book.]While the title references the "vulgar" tongue, most of the terms in this two hundred year old dictionary are now considered quaint and interesting. While there are several "blue" terms left intact, most readers will not be offended by the content.About the author: Captain Francis Grose -- over 200 years ago -- set about with his friends to create a series of tongue-in-cheek reference tools for the colloquialisms and "profanity" of the time. Their 1811 attempt and update of the 1785 title is humorous and a surviving testament to the blue side of human conversation.About the dictionary: Slang dictionaries have been around hundreds of years. The Canting Academy, or Devil's Cabinet Opened was a 17th-century slang dictionary, written in 1673 by Richard Head, that looked to define Thieves' cant. Another early slang dictionary was Francis Grose's A Classical Dictionary of the Vulgar Tongue, first published in 1785.In recent years, dictionaries with a more academic focus have tried to bring together etymological studies in an attempt to provide definitive guides to slang while avoiding problems arising from folk etymology and false etymology. The study of slang is now taken seriously by academics, especially lexicographers like the late Eric Partridge, devoting their energies to the field and publishing on it, including producing slang dictionaries.Publishing: Electronically published by The Office of Historical Document Archives and Access -- proudly bringing lost and forgotten titles to new generations of readers. This title is "text-to-speech" enabled to aid sight disabled, blind, and learning readers to also have access to this title.

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