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Wing and Tongue
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Wing and Tongue ReviewHilendra lives in a valley called the Cauldron of Keridwen. It has long been known as the valley of "Strange People", people who live there usually have supernatural gifts or practice the occult. Hilendra thought herself lucky when a Dragon Healer and an Armorer sought the favor of her company when most shun her.
Hilendra has a special gift she would like to keep hidden. In a turn of unusual events, she finds her house sprinkled with flowers and sees what she thinks is a dragon flying over. She finds herself in disbelief when a messenger summons her to Callers Cliff. She is used to calls to the Healers Mount as she is an empath, but not Callers Cliff where dragons are summoned by Dragon Callers usually at the anticipation of an attack. Upon her arrival she is asked to help with reading a dragon as he will not communicate with the other Dragon Readers. As she begins to talk with the dragon Saaldon she finds he has concerns and warns her of impending trouble.
K. Z. Snow's Cauldron of Keridwen is a stupendous tale of love, treachery with lots of action. Cauldron of Keridwen has it all; characters you love and some you will despise. This is a must read for those who relish fantasy, but one I think would be enjoyable to all!
Reviewed for Joyfully ReviewedWing and Tongue OverviewElrisa hungers to be the first female Dragon Caller in the Order of Wing and Tongue. When a member of the Order wants to marry her, it seems the perfect opportunity to realize her dream.But getting to the wedding won't be easy. To test the level of attraction and compatibility between would-be bride and groom, Elrisa must have sexual encounters with three members of the brotherhood, one of whom will be the man who chose her. Problem is, she doesn't know who chose her. If she's drawn to any Caller other than he, the marriage is off.Even if she deduces her suitor's identity, what if she truly wants one of the other two men? Should she follow her ambition'or her heart?Reader Advisory: Contains a scene of m/m sex.

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