Evangelism for the Tongue-tied Review

Evangelism for the Tongue-tied
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Evangelism for the Tongue-tied ReviewEvangelism is NOT my spiritual gift. I don't run about scattering tracts on the streets or presenting the gospel to cashiers in the grocery store. I don't have a glove compartment chock full of "just-in-case" evangelistic supplies. So I've often felt regret when I've walked away from an open door instead of seizing the opportunity, and I've just felt guilty in general over my lack of witness. Evangelism for the Tongue-tied is a book for people like me. In other words, it's for the average believer. In this short, easy-to-read book, Chap Bettis uses Scripture and Spirit-guided wisdom to describe how the evangelistically un-gifted can carry out the Great Commission on a daily basis through prayer and forming real relationships with the people we come into contact with already. No gimmicks, no twenty-step method, no endless classes, and no hours of memorization. Just real believers making real relationships with real people and receiving real help from God. If you feel tongue-tied in the presence of unbelievers, this book is for you!Evangelism for the Tongue-tied OverviewDo you want to tell others about Jesus but don't know where to begin? Are you afraid to speak because you lack a dramatic conversion story? Do you feel guilty because you can't remember the last time you shared your faith? Written by a non-evangelist for the non-evangelist, this book gives a simple, proven plan that anyone can follow. Perfect for group or individual study. You will discover how to: . Pray effectively for evangelistic opportunities . Build genuine relationships with non-Christians . Develop the stories of God's work in your life . Recognize evangelistic doors God is opening . Easily transition to spiritual matters . Follow up after a conversation "This is the most practical, realistic and helpful book on the subject of witnessing that I have read in forty years of pastoral ministry." -Rev. Dewey Corder, Past President, Alabama Baptist Convention (SBC) "Evangelism for the Tongue-Tied delivers a fresh, down-to-earth plan that will help untie the tongues of everyday Christians." -Walt Day, Director, Athletes in Action Boston Pro Sports Ministry Chapel Coordinator, New England Patriots and Boston Red Sox

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